Silage Stretch Film

Silage Stretch Film is an agricultural wrap film that can stretch in the range of 50 to 100 % to wrap new cropped grass with minimum 6 overlaps to form a round bale suitable for silage production. Through proper agricultural packaging, crops will be subjected to an anaerobic fermentation process and transformed to “Silage” which is a digestible food with similar nutritive & energy values of the natural green grass. The Silage will be served to Ruminants in winter season as a replacement of the natural green grass.

The Silage Stretch film should have:
• High puncture resistance
• Excellent adhesion (clinging) between layers
• High oxygen barrier properties
• Balanced MD/TD mechanical properties (tear resistance, elongation…)


Thickness: 25 µm

Roll Width (±) 1%: 500-750 (mm)

Roll Wound: 1,500-1,800 (m)

Roll Weight (±) 5%: 21.4-26.8 Kg

Roll Diameter (±) 5%: 24-26 (cm)



Animal Feed, Wrap Cropped Grass

Also Known As

Blown Silage Film, PE Roll Silage

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