Grapevine Cover Film

Grapevine cover film is produced using co-extrusion technology with advanced technology of raw materials and additives for vineyard covers with strong and durable properties.

Used for covering vineyards and protecting grapevines against climate conditions such as cold weather in winter, rain during harvest, and high sun exposure.

Are UV stabilized for the short and long term usage, from 3 to 6 months that resist against low and high chemical applications.

Provide smooth microclimate when precocity harvesting is needed or for a longer season in autumn.

Available in thermal version, yet, can be offered based on personal request in a regular version.

Features & Benefits

Optimize light transmittance and diffusion

Reduce temperature dissipation during night

Reduce plant stress caused by high-energy sunlight (light diffusion effect)

Promote early harvesting

Protect grapes from rain during harvest season

Provide a better quality of table grapes


Clear Transparent

5, 100 & 120 microns

3, 4, 5 & 6 meters


Covers vineyards.

Also Known As

Crop covers for vineyards, vineyards covering sheets and plastic sheets for covering grapes

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