Low Tunnel Film

PE low tunnel film is produced using co-extrusion and top technology of raw material and additives.
A regular low tunnel film that protect crops from the severe climate conditions such as wind, rain and hail, frost, and promote plants harvesting.

It is optimal for plants growth to adapt to geographic location, microclimatic conditions, and plants’ needs. Also, it allows good performance against daily manual manoeuver for ventilation purposes.

Available in high transparent clear film (>90% light transmission) or diffused, with options from 35 to 45%.

Features & Benefits

Allow good performance against the daily ventilation manual manoeuver with optimized mechanical properties

Promote photosynthesis activities with optimized optical properties

Stop the soil from drying out

Control insects and varmints

Reduce crop maturity period


Clear Transparent

Special UV Stabilization System
Protects PE film for a usage period of up to 12 months

25 – 150 microns
According to film application and lifetime

1.2 – 6 meters


Protects crops, such as vegetables, salads, and fruits.

Also Known As

Crop cover, mini tunnel film, low tunnel greenhouse film, miniature greenhouses film, plastic sheeting for mid-size tunnels, plastic sheets for quick hoops, low tunnels plastic covers, tunnels plastic sheets, plastic row cover, and polyethylene sheeting for covering crops

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