Our IWS film is a blend of polymers co-extruded in a multilayer structure.

We have developed the film for years using our wide range of research labs and our product development resources to provide to our clients with a safe, appealing and machine friendly packaging for individually wrapped single sliced cheese.

Our packaging is compatible with GBM, Natec & SAPAL machines, running at speeds of up to 1,000 slices per minute.

Features & Benefits

Matt finish and thin film embossed finishing

High sealing properties for perfect pouch separation as well as adequate cross seal for a secure closure and easy pouch opening

Excellent stacking properties on high stakes (ex.: 24 pouches)

High standard of pallet packing for export orders from our factory in Saudi Arabia to the world


Roll Width: 200 – 220 mm

Roll Outer Diameter: Up to 500 mm

Thickness: 23 – 35 µm

Roll Color: Clear


Sliced Cheese

Also Known As

Sliced cheese packaging wrappers, Individual wrapped cheese slice

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