Stand-Up Pouch for Dates

Premade pouches and bags are the ideal replacement of rigid packaging, these lightweight flexible laminates provide a cost saving advantage in material, shipping, and transportation. Our pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, three sides seal, side gusseted and stand up pouch, printed in Flexo or Rotogravure with different finishes like matt and glossy varnishes, soft touch and sand feel.

According to the packed product, these pouches are designed to preserve the freshness of the food items, extend its shelf life, and prevent any source of contamination from the external environment. Some additional features like reclosable zippers, tear notch and handing hole can be customized and added to improve customer experience.

Our premade pouches are specifically designed for various direct food contact applications, for moisture sensitive dry powder fillings such as milk, coffee, instant beverages, for fresh, ready made and frozen food, suitable as well for cheese, oil and fats, condiments & sauces and confectionary.

Other non food sectors are served such as animal feed, crop cultivation, chemical fertilizers, building & construction materials, detergent powder, shisha mix as well as paramedical and pharmaceutical products.

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