Water Membrane

PE water membrane film is produced using co-extrusion technology with high mechanical properties to resist puncture and tearing. It is the most cost-effective way used to construct reservoirs and collect water sourced from rain or other sources.

Can be used for potable water, waste water collection, for fish and fog farming, water canalization, or any other aquatic and decoration/ landscape purpose.

Contains a flexibility feature that allows it to elongate under stress and pressure to maintain liner integrity. Black opaque inner layer prevents weed growth.

Available in black color that can guarantee optimal opacity and resistance against UV sunrays.

Features & Benefits

It can match different shapes of the pond due to its flexible liner

Collect rain-water before it reaches the sea

Protect groundwater sources or streams from contaminated water

UV stabilizer additive and non-toxic materials ensure an ideal environment for a wide variety of fish.

Suitable for artificial lake and/or farm irrigation and works as an affordable alternative solution in comparison to concrete ponds


Thickness: 250 up to 500 µm

Color: Black or Bicolor

Texture: Smooth – Single and Double-sided

Special order: A full range of alternative colors

Roll width: 6 – 12 m



Canal linings, waste water treatment lagoons, aquaculture and fish farming, land fill basal linings and cap closures, evaporation and retention ponds, potable water reservoirs.


Also Known As

Canal lining film, geomembrane, pond lining film, and water reservoir

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