PE Wicket Bags

PE wicketed bags are used for packing, displaying, and preserving fresh and frozen poultry. These recyclable bags are held together using a wicket for easy dispensing and offer high leak-proof sealing performance, excellent tear & puncture resistance, and high-quality printing for a premium appearance with product shaping and display.

The glossy bags can be clear or opaque and they provide a moisture barrier to maintain product freshness and value.


Length: 150 – 600 mm

Width: 120 – 400 mm

Thickness: 35 – 60 µm

Flap Size: 350 – 550 mm

Gusset: 30 – 100 mm

Color: Clear – Milky

Printing: Up to 10 colors


  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Fish

Also Known As

Plastic meat bags, Oval PE chicken bags

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