Films protect products from being damaged and used to display products in attractive packaging.

Protect products, pallets, and boxes with long-term load retention

Fast wrapping and stretchable, therefore, it reduces material cost, film waste, and enhances inventory management

It has a multilayer structure. Provide lightweight wrap for edges without tearing and is suitable for all pallet dimensions


Film Thickness
20 – 38 microns

Roll Width
30; 40; 45 & 50 cm

Roll Length
1,000 – 6,000 m

Roll Color

Also Known As

PE stretch film, Stretch film, High performance stretch film


Film Thickness
25 – 200 microns; Per your requirements

Roll Width
Up to 140 cm; Per your requirements

Core Inner Diameter
76 – 152 mm

Roll Length, Color & Materials’ Blend
Per your requirements

Printing Colors
Up to 8 colors

Also Known As

Shrink wrap

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